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Chang gung memorial hospital“The top three”The beginning of the red

Chang gung memorial hospital“The top three”Red sequence

2019/9/11WeiJianWei in the province、Xiamen municipal government、Xiamen WeiJianWei、Haicang district government、Haicang district WeiJian innings、Chang gung memorial hospital in Taiwan and other leaders at all levels and their peers...[In more detail]

The healthy people should pay attention to what

The healthy people should pay attention to what

Sub-health is a kind of healthy state,People in the sub-health state,Although there is no obvious disease,But the psychological pressure and adaptability are declined。If this state of affairs[In more detail]

  1. Smokers

  2. Sedentary

  3. Drinking alcohol

  4. Pressure group

  5. Motorists

  6. Expectant mothers

  7. The mechanic

  8. Weak clan

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